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Thai IX'ers English Summer Camp, Phang Nga Province

In April, 2006, 4 members of our Thai IX group, 2 husbands and 2 friends went to Khao Lak, Phang Nga province, the area hardest hit by the tsunami in December 2004. The group included Carol Radich and her husband David, Carol Apacki and her husband Ken, Judy Sampson, Bonnie Britton, and 2 volunteer-minded friends of the Apackis, Jane and Bill Holloway. Chuck Frederickson helped us make contact with the school, and helped in a million ways to get us set up.

Tsunami drawing by a student Beautiful Phang Nga beach The Similana Hotel

We planned to teach a month-long program for the students of Baan Bang Sak, a high school which had been totally destroyed by the tsunami and was being rebuilt by the King and with donations from many sources. Our program was designed to give the students (grades 9 through 11) lots of practice listening and speaking English through classroom instruction as well as through games and fun activities. On the first day of class (registration day) we were amazed to discover that the camp had been advertised on the radio, and that we had students ranging from 5 years old to college age. After our first shock, we quickly changed our plans, sorted the kids by age, and began four classes, taught by the Carols, Judy and Bonnie. Peace Corps training pays off -- we're still flexible after all these years!

Planning session at the hotel Carol A's class Judy teaching

The Holloways provided the songs, games, and craft activities that were included in the camp.

Water balloon toss Bill leading the popular "Thumbs Up, Knees Together" song Jane and the Chicken Dance

Ken and Dave were assigned to design and build computer desks for 2 other provincial schools. They had the adventures of dealing with lumber yards and hardware stores, workmen and headmistresses, without knowing any Thai.

Ken and Dave's daily commute The final product Life wasn't all that rough!

Lunch was provided every day Lunch with Reuben, the new PCV Closing Ceremony - awarding certificates

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