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Dear Former Thailand Peace Corps Volunteers and Friends,

After only several months in existence, Friends of Thailand is moving along. More of us have joined the group and have sent written contributions and photos for the FoT web site. These can be found by accessing the Group Pages of the site.

We have also made our first donation to a Peace Corps Volunteer project in Thailand. A check for $300 was recently sent by FoT to Peace Corps Thailand to be used for a special Technology Conference. It will be held in Petchaboon February 22-24 of this year. Information about the Conference is available on the FoT web site's Project Sponsorship page.
There are a number of other projects for which Thai volunteers are seeking financial contributions. It is our hope that more of you will choose to join Friends of Thailand so we may provide support for these projects, as well. All but a very minimal amount of FoT membership fees is earmarked for that purpose.

Additionally, Roger Harmon, the current PCThailand Director, has promised to provide information about special activities this spring involving the 40th anniversary of Peace Corps Thailand. When specifics from him are received, they will be posted on the FoT site and forwarded via e-mail. Perhaps some of us will have an opportunity to travel to the old country and participate.

If you would like to join Friends of Thailand, Click here.

To access the Friends of Thailand web site and learn more, Click here.

We hope to hear from you soon.

Carolyn Nickels-Cox Thai 34