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Dear Thai IX’ers,


Thinking about your Peace Corps experience?  Remembering the good times?




First Class Travel




Exotic Food





Luxurious Living Accommodations




With Pay




How about a chance to recapture some of the experience?


As Carol Radich and I mentioned at the recent reunion, we are preparing for our 2008 English Summer Camp, with assistance from David Rubin, a returned Thailand PCV who lives part of the year in Phuket.  We still need one or two more teachers, and I hope that what we described at the reunion and the details here will pique your interest. 


The camp will be in Phang Nga town, Phang Nga Province, on the isthmus not far from Phuket. Phang-Nga town is the provincial capital; it is a quiet little town with none of Phuket's hubbub but a great deal of its own charm.


We will be teaching about 40 high school students for the month of April. Carol has prepared a curriculum, which she and Judy used for our 2006 summer camp.  I am attaching an overview of the program, so you can see what we propose.  We are also planning to get funds for arts and crafts supplies, field trips, etc. to make the camp a fun, as well as an instructive, experience.


Carol and I have gone traveling in other parts of Thailand and surrounding countries after our summer camps have ended, but this year we plan to travel in March before the camp in April.  We are thinking about traveling to southern Laos (Suvannahet, Pakse, Champasak, Wat Phu) since we’ve never been there.


To help you figure the costs involved, here are a few figures from the web.

·        Hotels

There are a number of inexpensive small hotels in Phang Nga town with prices in the 400 to 700 baht range, and a general listing of seaside hotels in the province shows a great many in the $30 – $40 range.   David Rubin may be able to get us a discount.  


·        Airfare

The cheapest airfare I found is $910 on EVA Air, $955 on China Air to Bangkok from San Francisco, which I believe includes all taxes and surcharges.  Carol and I have flown both and liked them.  Prices from other cities may be considerably higher.  In addition, you’ll need airfare from Bangkok to Phuket.


As a crude rule of thumb, I believe our personal expenses for trips like these, which have always included 2-3 weeks travel in Vietnam, China, or Laos after the camp ends, have run to around $2500- $3000.  This covers transportation, lodging, and food.


Here are a few photos of Phang Nga province which I hope will intrigue and entice you into joining us in what has always been an exciting and fulfilling adventure.


Carol and I would like to know who is even a little interested within the next few weeks, and we would like firm commitments by the end of the year.  David Rubin will need to know in order to set things up at his end by then.  We will be happy to advise anyone interested in travel possibilities either before or after the camp.  Or to answer any other questions you may have.  Hope to hear from you soon! and