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Thai IX Reunion

Yosemite, California - September 17 - 19, 2004

Here are a few photos of the event.

Groupshot in Yosemite

Back row: Nelson Tecrony, Cal Ellis, Paul Strasburg, Larry Jones, Judy Sampson. Carol Radich, Ann Taylor, Hope Stevens, Gary Smith, Matt Franjola (with water bottle) Middle row: Henry Dahlberg, Carol Apacki, Lee Stetson, Mel Horwitch, Bonnie Britton, Steve McKnight, Sue Simon (behind Steve and Kathy) Kathy McKnight, Kathryn Newman (next to Sue), Vanessa Stanescuj Front row: Mike McLeod,Dick Letvin, Barbara Letvin

At the Merced River

Gary Smith, Steve McKnight and Hope Setevens were the only voluntary swimmers. Ann Taylor was definitely involuntary!

A typical breakfast at the Bug Hostel

The poster for Lee's John Muir show and for Connie Stetson's show about a pioneer woman at the Yosemite theater

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