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Hello everyone,

We have used up all the 18 megabytes this hosting site gives us for free, so in order to add any new information I have deleted all the old news and pictures. If anyone needs any of the old stuff, I can send it from backups. Just let me know.

Send your thoughts about the next reunion to Dick Letvin. It is looking like most of us would like the next reunion to be in Hawaii. If you haven't cast your ballot, and have a preference, better let Dick Letvin know at

It is a little more difficult than I expected to keep the Nong Khai news up to date - servers are slower than at home, and also free time seems to be in short supply. Between hours spent preparing lesson plans and teaching, and all the invitations we get to 'bai tieow' (travel for pleasure) it is hard to find enough time to keep up to date here. But we will keep at it! If you have questions we haven't answered, you can always reach us through our regular email addresses:

We would love to hear from you - mail from home is cherished! I will continue to post news about the reunion, and any news from any of you who will send it to me.

Best wishes, Bonnie

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Last Updated: 02/09/05