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Thai IX Reunion

Kona, Hawaii - October 5 - 8, 2007

The block of hotel rooms at the Marriot is almost gone, so if you haven't signed up, do it soon! The reunion takes place at the Marriot Waikaloa Beach Resort, Kona, Hawaii. Call Marriot at 800-228-9290 and give the code PCVPCVA to get the negotiated price of $175 per night per room.
Here are the names of those so far who planning to come: So far these are coming or are seriously thinking of coming who have contacted me. Letvins, McKnights, Margaret Norris, Carol Radich, Susan Simon, Gary Smith, Jim Walsh, Bonnie Britton (of course), Sunny Bratt, Doug Clark, Vanessa Jalet, Rolfe Gellstad, Lee Stetson, Mike MacLeod, Hope Stevens, Don McLean, Larry Jones, Henry Dalhberg, Myrna Gallager, Robert Griffin, the Tecronys, and Ann Taylor. There may be others I don't know about. Of course most are bringing spouses, family, or friends. Plus Gary Smith tells me Pauline Costande who worked in the kitchen during our Hilo training will be there.
If you plan to attend, please let Dick Letvin know as soon as possible:

Marriot Waikoloa Hotel

Exterior View

Check our the photos from the Summer Camp some of us conducted in southern Thailand last summer. Now imagine yourself in those pictures.... We will be talking more about this at the reunion! Thai IX 2006 English Summer Camp

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