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John White

We are fine. Our son Chris is now 29 and working as a computer program manager at Eyecast, Inc. They are a start up located in Herndon, VA. He fled Worldcom's UUNet subsidiary with several others to join Eyecast earlier this year. Our daughter Michelle is now 23 and in her final year at New York University. She took off a year and a half for a work internship at a New York City interior design company, and so is one of the slower ones to complete her studies. After working in the commercial world, she decided that her first interest was strongest and will go into social work. Prakong works some on her painting and enjoys having her children in the area.

I continue to manage a USAID contract that provides services worldwide in support of environmental policy programs. We have a 13 member consortium that is lead by the International Resources Group - where I work. We currently have 26 long-term U.S. staff working around the world under USAID Mission programs. We have two teams in Egypt - where I do most of my traveling.

Thanks again for continuing to help us keep in touch - with best regards to all, Doug