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Thai IX Reunion

Kona, Hawaii - October 5 - 8, 2007

Here are a few photos of the event.

Groupshot at the Hotel

Back row: Ann Taylor, Jim Walsh, Dick Letvin, Sonny Bratt, Bonnie Britton, Hope Stevens, Steve McKnight, Judy Sampson, Carol and Rolfe Gjellsted, Gary Smith, Cal Ellis
Middle row: Joyce Nakahara, Sue Brown, Myrna Gallagher, Carol Apacki, Carol Radich, Kathy McKnight, Barbara Letvin, Sue Simon, Matt Franjola, Larry Jones
Front row: John Hartman, Mike McLeod, Henry Dahlberg, Nelson Tecrony, Lee Stetson, Vanessa Stanescuj

Jim Walsh addressing the group: from the left, Ad Walsh, Wilawan McLeod, Vanessa Stanescuj, Mike McLeod,Jim, Barbara Letvin, Nelson Tecrony, Linda Tectony, Ann Taylor, Henry and Linda Dahlberg

Matt Franjola, Cal Ellis, Bob Griffen and Nelson Tecrony

Sharon Jones, Myrna Gallagher, Carol Apacki and Carol Radichm at the Chinese Temple we visited

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